Quick tips in finding the best shimmering engagement ring for your love

So, you’re finally planning to propose to your sweetheart. Well, that’s great! Of course, you want to find the best engagement ring in Melbourne whilst preparing for such a magnificent moment. Thing is, there’s a lot of jewellery Melbourne has, making it quite difficult for you to choose one she will surely love.

You want to find the best as you try to get her “Yes”, thus you should learn a few tips that can help you out.

What to remember in finding the best engagement ring in Melbourne?

As you look through the plethora of Melbourne jewellery choices, keep these points in mind to make the best purchase:

Consider a few factors about the gem

There are a few factors you should consider in finding a precious diamond you want to sit on the ring. Of course, it plays a big role in terms of price as well.

Shapes and cuts

Always remember that cuts largely influence the fabulousness of any diamond, thus you should never set it aside during your search. For example, quality cuts can make a low-class diamond look fantastic, whilst high-class diamond with rough cuts undoubtedly looks undesirable.

Next, search for the shape you want as well because it also influences the price tag. For example, round-shaped diamonds are usually much more expensive than marquis.

Karat sizes and clarity

In choosing from the huge collections of jewellery in Melbourne for the best diamonds, you need to choose between a larger or a clearer one. Diamonds with higher karats are generally quite larger and weigh more, but usually have lesser clarity.

In addition, such kinds of diamonds have higher price tags too.

Consider a few factors about the ring band as well

A gem is just half of an engagement ring. It wouldn’t be complete without having the best band.

Choose the metal material you want

As you search through jewellery Melbourne has to offer, you will encounter a few precious metals as possible material for your ring. Generally, you can pick between yellow or white gold, silver, and platinum.

Just remember that silver and platinum look similar, only that platinum is quite heavier and much more expensive. However, silver is much durable and won’t easily acquire scratches.

Inform the jeweller of the ring size

Remember to get the size of your sweetheart’s left ring finger before seeing the jeweler. This is to make sure you buy an engagement ring that fits her well.

Make your purchase

After considering the factors above, you can start looking for a reputable shop or jeweller where you can buy jewellery Melbourne has today.

Start by searching one that has tons of positive reviews from customers. Moreover, be vigilant in making your purchase and be sure that the ring has a corresponding certificate.

Finally, negotiate for the price and make sure to strike the best deal according to your budget. Find a jeweller in the city that you can trust, and you won’t have too much problem regarding your budget.

There you have it. These are a few tips you should consider in looking for the perfect shimmering engagement ring you can buy for your sweetheart.

Feel free to check Franco Jewellers to find the best brands of jewellery Melbourne has to offer. Good luck!